Company gave us a call late evening about a grease trap overflow clean up in Palm Springs, CA, initially was told it was a 20x20 area, after arriving and taking a look at it we realized right away it was a lot bigger of a clean up. We gave our price and they agreed, this job is different, grease if very thick and asphalt is petroleum based so you can really use degreaser and high pressure as it could damage the asphalt. We used a lot of oil absorbent sand and kitty litter to help absorb most of the grease, after words we scrapped and picked up the sand/litter. We used hot water to help with the rinse at the end, this job took a couple days of work being it was grease on asphalt. These types of jobs are considered Hazmat due to the nature of the job.

We also spoke with the customer and let them know that the asphalt will not look the same anymore even after the clean up, we would only get the top layer of grease off to prevent any slip and fall accidents and make sure the city didn't fine or close them down temporarily. After we were done customer was very happy with results and we did the best we could to get it cleaned up. All the waste was disposed safely

Location: Palm Springs, CA

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Products Used

BE hot pressure washer machine, Oil absorbent sand, kitty litter
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